Swansea Furniture News

Just a quick update this one on news for furniture in the Swansea area. Not much has been happening in Swansea exactly but in recent weeks Oak Furniture Land have opened their first store in Wales in Cardiff.

This was reported on our sister site Cardiff Furniture Stores in their update Oak Furniture Land Cardiff now what effect will this have on retailers in the Swansea area.

There has not been a retailer with a massive presence online since RPF went a few years ago so it will be interesting. Of course customers looking for furniture are used to trekking to Cardiff in light of the fact that Ikea's nearest store is also located in the welsh capital.

Finally we feel it fitting to give a big thank you to Swansea City for putting Swansea firmly on the map after their amazing first Premiership campaign, Jack Army!

Over the next few months we are going to take a fresh look at the furniture shops in the Swansea area but this time have a look at their websites and see if we can get an insight into how the industry in the region is faring given the current economic climate.

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